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Practical info

NOTE: Meeting time for December 10th has changed to 4pm!

On December 10th at 4pm there will be a meeting in the Infolade 69 in Christiania for everyone who wants to make medicing their activism during the summit. At this meeting obviously there will be general practical information as well as a chance to get to know each other. Also there will be representatives from other relevant groups such as Copenhagen Activist Trauma Support (CATS) and legal support teams.

At this point we are primarily asking people to come and medic as there will be a massive need with 30.000 or more protesters and a heavy police presence. If you have the energy and opportunity also we need more money to buy equipment for the medics and if it is possible for you to scrounge some warm clothes for donating to soaked through hypothermic activists then please bring it!

There will be sleeping spaces specifically for medics in a central location. We are trying to make sure it is possible both to arrive some days beforehand and to stay a couple of days after the 18th, but if you already know that you'll be arriving early please let us know so we can make sure that we have accomodation for you.

Also we hope to have a welfare team for the medics, as has before proven its worth in keeping medics up and running despite little sleep and less food. If you have experience with this and want to help out give us a shout.

Medics who are not a part of CBCFAN will be marked with the symbol seen at the top of this page and the words "MEDIC" and "SANI" (german for medic). Please note we won't absolutely require that you go marked while medicing, but encourage it.

see map for location of meeting point